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I'M BATMAN (But not the Ben Affleck one)

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You looked inside of me and you saw hatred. That’s not victory. 

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Clara Oswald in every episode: Into the Dalek
↳ “T
his is a dangerous mission and you look like a school teacher.”
               “I am a school teacher.”

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Danny DeVito in Jurassic World

Resistance is futile.

Resistance to what?

Life returns. Life prevails. Resistance is futile.

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Doctor Who Intro’s - 1963 - 2014

It’s like a time capsule, you look back at different era’s in Doctor Who’s history & it’s really quite beautiful. Same tune, different graphics. Same Doctor, different face. Same screwdriver, different case. Same Tardis, different interior.

*Also I know there’s a few missing but since tumblr only allows for pic/ gif sets to have up to 10 I had to make a couple of cut backs.*

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Sontarans: really interested in women’s thoraxes, apparently.

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I think you’re probably nice. Underneath it all I think you’re kind. And definitely brave.

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033114 // moon beams - 007/365Wallpapers: Desktop | Tablet | Phone


033114 // moon beams - 007/365

Wallpapers: Desktop | Tablet | Phone

Get to know me meme  ||  [2/5] Scenes that made you smile »  Rise of the Cybermen

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